We are proud of our company history and our exceptional staff.


Bergstrom Industries was founded in 1986 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Almost 30 years later, we continue to take great pride in designing, manufacturing and sourcing highly innovative, top quality retail, commercial, architectural and industrial lighting for the South African market.

We work with electrical engineers, electrical contractors, electrical wholesalers, architects and shop designers, supplying and tailormaking lighting products to meet their needs.

We have a talented team with decades of expertise and knowledge of the lighting industry, committed to delivering a consistently excellent product and experience.


They guide our actions and behaviour and the direction of our company today and into the future

Our Mission

Bergstrom is a full-service lighting solutions company. Our solutions include lighting design and building automation as well as the manufacture and sourcing of innovative, top quality retail, commercial, architectural and industrial lighting for the South African market.​

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in lighting and automation, offering tailored, best-in-class solutions to electrical engineers, architects, contractors and developers.

We intend to continuously innovate and improve our services and the quality of the products we design and manufacture, ensuring the sustainable growth and development of our business and our industry.

Our Values

We value and demonstrate integrity and resourcefulness.

We strive for excellence in all we do, holding in high regard quality and innovation.

Our people are committed to building relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues based on loyalty and mutual respect.

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Coronavirus Lockdown

While South Africa enters its first week of the national lock down; Bergstrom will remain semi-operational with our staff working remotely.

Our remote staff are fully equipped to handle all enquiries you may have during this time, including design and specification on any of your projects.

Should you require any urgent assistance during this time, please contact:

You have within you, right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world throws at you” – Ed Lester.